Backup files on a regular basis. Be sure that you test and verify that your backup is a complete copy of the original. You also need to check that the backup drive works too. - Document your systems and make sure to archive original copies of your software in a safe place. - If you are using Microsoft Windows, make it a point to make system restore points before making any significant system changes to your system. - Never upgrade hardware or software without a complete and verified system backup in case you need to restore critical data. - Make sure your firewalls and virus protection are up and running. - Clean up your system with obsolete and unwanted files and applications. You also need to defrag your hard disk to free space. - Make sure your system is in a secure place from intruders. - Prepare for physical disasters and natural disasters. This may entail keeping another storage backup offsite, or online. - Place your system in a location that has proper environmental conditions. It should be clean and with a stable temperature and humidity. - Handle your systems carefully to avoid accidental damage and dropping.